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Possible problem with file restore, with songs which share a PDF
(04-01-2013, 04:07 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Definitely a bug Mike. I'm hoping to get an update out today if possible (it will include dropbox support thanks to another developer who has been helping me), so I will make sure this is fixed. I really appreciate your detailed write-ups. They make it very easy to know what I need to do to replicate the problem, and half the time I know what the problem is just based on your details.

As for the swap PDF issue, I believe the code just checks to see if the song is actually using a PDF file, and not an image file, before it enables the option. If you are seeing it disabled for songs that use PDFs, then I think there is definitely something wrong there. I'll test this today as well.


Thanks for the kind words. I've probably mentioned before that I have a background in software development and QA, so I tend to describe things from a "how to reproduce it" point of view. I'm glad that I'm able to help correct these issues more quickly.

I've confirmed that the "Swap PDF" button isn't appearing for certain songs that do in fact have PDF files. I don't know the exact logic you are using for this, but I do have a request, especially in consideration of the current bug when doing a restore with shared PDFs. If a song "thinks" that it has a PDF, please allow the "Swap PDF" function, even if the PDF can't be found. This will allow currently broken songs to be fixed more easily.

While thinking about shared PDF songs, it occurs to me that even without the current restore bug, it may be possible for a song to become "broken" under the following circumstances:
  1. Manually create several songs which share a common PDF
  2. Delete one of the songs, leaving the "Delete Images/PDF" box checked
I don't know if the code will prevent deletion of the underlying PDF when it is being shared, but it would be nice if it did.

I just had a great idea while typing this message! If the code checks for shared PDF files when you delete a song, maybe it could also check for them when you do a Swap PDF. I.e. if there are 4 songs that point to a common PDF, and you do a Swap PDF on one of those songs, it could put up a prompt with all 4 songs, and let you check/uncheck which ones you want to update.


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