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Small problem in searching
For me, it's just quicker to not have to type special key combinations, long press keys, etc. when I'm hunting for a song--especially since other characters don't require it, google doesn't, etc. so I usually try it "plain" first and then remember for the ø, it's different, so it takes even longer. So, I'm still hoping for this to get changed... Tying it to the langauge of the computer doesn't help: my stuff is all English, but my songs are mostly Swedish and Norwegian, some German, etc.
I did fix this - ø is replaced by o during all searches. Is it not working for you?
I thought you had, and decided I was imagining things. Further checking: It's working properly on the tablet, but not in the Companion.
That's a true statement - I'll need to add that specific fix to the companion as well.
Another small problem: upper case Ø isn't retrieved in a search with either upper case O or with lower case ø. This is both on the tablet and the Companion. I didn't check comprehensively for all special characters, but ä, å and ö are working correctly, i.e., retrieved the plain letter equivalent and upper and lower case treated the same).
My logic must not be correctly handling upper case Ø. I'm fixing it right now to detect that as well - thanks.

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