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Import several version of one song

Are you using MobileSheets or MobileSheetsPro? You listed importing txt files, so I have to assume you are on MobileSheetsPro, not on the original MobileSheets.

As for your question, you can add multiple files to one song, but in order to do that, you have to use the song editor. So you would import one file, then edit the song that was created and add multiple files to that song. The problem is that you can't currently mix text files with any other file type due to the dynamic nature in which pages are laid out (the number of pages can change depending upon the text display settings).

What you have described is more akin to a feature that I'm going to work on adding at some point, namely the ability to have multiple versions of a song. Each version of a song will have its own files and properties, but you can choose which version of the song to load. In setlists, you can choose which version of the song you want to add to the setlist. This is probably what you were looking for, correct? In order to support your method of importing, I would have to add an option under Settings->Import Options where you can choose to group files with identical names (other than the exception)into a song with multiple versions.

As for your problem with batch importing, that definitely concerns me. Batch import audio creates new song entries with blank pages but associates the audio files with those songs. I just want to double-check that you realized that's how that works. If you were expecting the batch import audio to associate audio files with existing songs in your library, it's not actually designed for that. You have to edit each song in question, go the audio tab, and add the audio files you want to.


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