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Library Lose
(04-03-2013, 02:00 AM)concertmaster3 Wrote: Thanks (and darn auto correct with "Lose")

Just as a quick follow up, the files are still in the folders, but they aren't showing up in the program.


This might or might not be related to your issue - but there's a "bug" I haven't gotten around to entering yet, where sometimes a song will be displayed twice when I go to the Artists tab and choose all songs by a particular artist. Going to the Songs tab, it will only show that song once. Anyway, if I attempt to delete one of the duplicates from the Artists view, it deletes both of them! (Fortunately, I told it not to delete the files, so I was able to recreate the song quickly). Maybe you were 'cleaning up' duplicates and this happened to you?

I'm not sure how the duplicate song was created, but it's possible that I edited the song via the Companion app. I'll try to see if I can recreate this with a new song.

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