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MobileSheetsPro 1.3.7 and MobileSheetsPro Companion 2.2.7 Released
MobileSheetsPro 1.3.7 and MobileSheetsPro companion 2.2.7 have been released with a large number of changes.  It's very important to update both the companion app and tablet app at the same time, as database changes have occurred.  The full list of changes is below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.3.7
  • Added support for populating metadata using directory names during a batch import. A metadata format string must be provided to determine what fields to populate.
  • Notes can now be automatically displayed when a song is loaded. Different notes can be kept for each setlist the song is in.
  • Added new setting to hide the library screen floating toolbar
  • Added new setting to turn off normalization of characters so that international characters are sorted separately
  • Filters are now carried over from the main library screen to the group editor
  • Diagonal swipes are no longer treated as horizontal swipes on the library screen
  • Fixed issue with potential endless loop while accessing Google Drive
  • The action bar is no longer hidden when performance mode is enabled
  • Fixed errors with erasing near circle and rectangle annotations that can result in weird lines and changes
  • Added database integrity checks so that the companion app can never replace the current database with a corrupted one
  • Added additional error checks to handle broken connections with the companion app so that the database is always safely restored
  • Cropping can now be applied to an entire setlist in the crop editor.
  • During song import, the key signature detected in chord pro and text files is no longer converted to the major equivalent if minor
  • The go to start of song pedal action now resets link points
  • Fixed error that prevented the gallery app from successfully sharing photos taken with a different device with MobileSheetsPro
  • Added support for %CAPO% and %PAGE_ORDER% in the generate song list format. There are no buttons for these so they must be typed.
  • Added code to allow the companion app to swap files, and to update existing songs during file conflicts.
  • Link points now work in all cases when using the half page display in portrait orientation
  • Added "Assigned" option when filtering by collection to find all songs currently assigned to a collection
  • Fixed bug with editing bookmarks on the bookmarks tab that prevented them from being updated
  • Moved the create snippet and load song options under the menu at the bottom left corner of the song overlay
  • The create snippet action can now be activated through a touch action
  • Added option to edit a snippet after it is created
  • The metronome tempo can now be set by entering a number if the tempo value tapped
  • Fixed bug with the original key dialog that prevented the sharp and flat switches from working correctly
  • Fixed alphabet list errors in the quick find song dialog and the group editor
  • Dropdowns in the song editor are now correctly sorted to account for international characters
  • Increased the height of the metronome window on larger tablets in landscape orientation so the start button is visible
  • The metronome sounds have been switched so that the higher pitch sound is now used for the first beat, and the lower pitch sound is used for the other beats
MobileSheetsPro Companion v2.2.7
  • Batch import now supports populating metadata using directory names.
  • Songs can now be updated if a file conflict occurs
  • Added swap file option to replace existing files in a song (added to right-click menu)
  • Both setlist and song notes can be modified in the companion app. Setlist notes must be modified on the setlist tab
On a side note, I have finally purchased a tablet running 5.0+ that has an external SD card slot, so I will be adding the ability to use any directory on an external SD card slot as the storage directory very soon (barring any significant problems).

Thanks Mike - you have been a busy boy Smile .

I'll be using my tablet this evening and tomorrow, so there is no way I will be installing any updates just before a gig - better the devil you know and all that stuff. However, one question occurs to me;

"Notes can now be automatically displayed when a song is loaded. Different notes can be kept for each setlist the song is in."

Which one, of any possible number of notes, will be displayed if a chart is opened from the 'Songs' tab, or can we select one?

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Thank you Mike, 1.3.7 is stable here, excellent!
I am happy about the option to hide the library bar, and VERY happy that scrolling down a list (or a song) is "solid" now, no inadvertent jumping back to the previous screen anymore.
Thanks again!
Graeme - a song can have notes associated with it that are not associated with any setlist. Those are the notes that are used if the song is loaded by itself. If you don't assign any notes to a song outside of a setlist, then nothing will be shown. The dialog for editing notes has a dropdown if a setlist is currently loaded that lets you choose between the setlist notes and the individual song notes. If you load a song by itself and edit the notes, you are editing the individual song notes.
Thanks for that Mike. I think I've got the hang of it now. I'll be having a play wth the new version on Tuesday and check that I really understand it.

1: Samsung 12.2" SM-P900: Android 5.0.2 
2: eSTAR GRAND HD Quad-Core 4G 10.2": Android 5.1 
3: Home-built BT pedal

Some of my music here
Great job again, Mike. So much to try out.

"Filter carrying over to group editor" is not meant to be the persistent filter we discussed yet though, right?
No, that just ensures that filters set on the main library screen are used also on the group editor screen. Just to clarify - it's useful to you to persist filters between loads of MobileSheetsPro? I didn't think that would actually be very useful in most situations. It also requires that a great deal of information has to be stored, as there are quite a lot of filters, so I wanted to make sure it was actually useful to people before doing all of the necessary work.
I cannot speak for Brix, but for me it's absolutely sufficient to keep the filter settings during switching between setlist editing and other tabs like showing setlist content or collection tab. IMHO it's not worth the effort for storing the settings when MSP is closed and restarted.
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Well, I don't need persistent filters necessarily per se.

But I'd like to have a "hide feature" for Placeholders, collections that are not songs, some duplicates and so on which I don't have to activate each time I load MSP.

If I remember right the persistent filters were your suggested workaround for that which might also have additional use for some people. So I'm still for that feature (as option in the preferences of course).

Just thought about another way. How about providing just one collection group (something like *hidden*, maybe hardcoded) which is filtered out in the song and other tabs by default. No storing or remembering of other filters and each user could choose if to use it by putting songs into this collection or not.
Persisting filters would be much easier than having to modify all of the generic code to support a hard-coded collection with different behavior than all the others. I'll see what I can do with adding that capability.
It's up to the user to create his own group "Hidden". Then using "Exclude" "Hidden" in the filters allows to do already what such a special group would do.
Using "Unassigned" / "Assigned" (Zugeordnet / Nicht zugeordnet) might be another option. It allows selecting songs that are assigned / not assigned to any of the groups.
I use it often for "Collections": I have collections for every band or regular session plus some extra collections like "ToDo", "to be practiced" and so on.
"Unassigned" for "Collections" finds all songs that are not in a collection, the currently unused ones. "Assigned" for "Collections" finds the used ones. "Exclude" can be applied on meta groups for placeholders, table of content, that you could create for files that you have in MSP that are not songs.
I prefer using the existing filter mechanisms over creating a special group that is in fact nothing different. They are powerful and flexible enough.
Persisting the filters when MSP is closed and reopened might be convenient, but is not essential. I rarely shut down my tablet and keep MSP open most of the time. The sleep modes of Android do a pretty fine job.
first language: German
Acer A1-830, Android 4.4.2 - HP x2 210 G2 Detachable, Win 10 21H1
www.moonlightcrisis.de - www.basdjo.de - www.frankenbaend.de


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