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Performance Mode Help!!
Please make a way to turn performance mode on and off without requiring several key presses as it does now. Also, please give a visible indication of the current state of performance mode.

Currently, you cannot stay in the same song while switching out of performance mode to make an annotation. You have to leave the song, open display settings, switch off performance mode, go back and reopen the song, make annotations, open display settings, turn on performance mode, reopen song (after the wrong one opens), and continue practicing.

I use this app almost daily. Performance mode is very important to me as a pianist. I must be able to turn pages as quickly as possible. This works well as long as performance mode is on, but then it is too difficult to turn off.

Thank you for considering this request.
I definitely plan on adding a way to quickly turn on/off performance mode. As for a visual indication, what did you have in mind? Something in the corner perhaps? I'm open to suggestions.
For the indication, you could put a small button in the upper right corner with a "P" on it.. Pressing the button would turn off performance mode. Pressing anywhere else would turn the page as it does now in performance mode. You could have optional ways to turn it on, such as long press, double tap, swipe, two finger long press, etc. The user would have to pick one action to turn on the overlay and a different action to turn on performance mode.

I would like to see a shortcut to annotations also without going through the overlay menu.. Other users may like a shortcut to another task. Maybe you could give several actions (long press, double tap, etc,) and let each one be assigned as a shortcut for a different task.
I'm thinking that a pull down bar from the top with buttons on it might be the way to go. You would just slide your finger from the top right or top left down (top middle might be a problem when I add continuous vertical scrolling of pages). This bar would basically just be a row of buttons that are shortcuts for things, like toggling on/off performance mode, annotations, or the metronome, or activating the annotations editor. Given enough time, it could be made flexible so that people could add the shortcuts to features they want. Thoughts?
That may interfere with the operating system pull downs. If it doesn't, that should be fine.
I would like to see gestures implemented over buttons - isn't the point of performance mode to only display what you need in performance? Implement an unique gesture, or custom one, or even something like just two touch points for five seconds to toggle performance mode, and then have features that can be triggered quicker for things like the draw mode in annotations. Or, at least, keep it as minimal as possible, and then have the aforementioned custom row of buttons for annotations and other tools.

Looking forward to seeing what works out the best for everyone in the end, though!
The purpose of performance mode is to prevent a tap or swipe intended to turn the page from initiating some other action that would interrupt your performance. A visible indication is needed so that you are sure you are in performance mode before starting a performance. A button would give this indication and also provide a deliberate method for exciting performance mode that would not be similar to a page turn tap or swipe. This is the method used by an iOS app that I used before switching to an android tablet. There may be a better way, but this worked very well.

The gestures would be nice and could be used to enter performance mode, but I think they would need to be disabled when in performance mode.
I too would like an easy way out of preformance mode. I try to avoid it like the plague, but if it were easier to get out of would use. When I find I've hit the little the muisic stand and it gets me in Performance Mode, I have a heck of a time getting out. Usually, I'm just lucky and I hit the right spot on the screen. Gail
(09-06-2014, 08:46 AM)gail white Wrote: I have a heck of a time getting out. Usually, I'm just lucky and I hit the right spot on the screen.

I just exit out of the page (bottom LH button) and then hit the music stand to turn if off.

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Please look at the video I posted here: http://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/vi...on_bar.mp4

This little popup will be accessible by tapping the bottom right corner of the screen. It will provide a fast and easy mechanism to toggle performance mode while a song or setlist is loaded. Additionally, on the library screen, the performance mode state can also be seen at the bottom right (check this video to see it: http://www.zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/vi...sheets.mp4). I think this should alleviate any problems with knowing whether it's active, and switching it if need be.


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