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warning for editing changes
This is again a workflow oriented request coming from lots of checking and editing metadata.

Is it possible to skip the changes warning (asking to save, discard etc.) if there actually have been no changes? It certainly needs a check for that, but it's more efficient if you can leave the editing screen (and more logically too) if the warning doesn't pop up evvery time if there has been no change to the data.
I actually do have checks in place for that right now. Are you doing things like selecting the dropdowns to change one of the metadata fields? That alone will make it think there are changes. If you just edit a song, view stuff, then cancel, it won't prompt you to save anything.
No, actually. I get the save dialog each time if I want to leave the screen (with the Android back button usually) even if I only view (no dropdown actions either).
I definitely can't reproduce that. If I edit one of my songs and then immediately hit the back button, it just exits. I wonder why in your case the song editor believes something has been modified...
It seems to be device related. I tried on my cell and there were no warning.

On my tablet (a Sony Xperia Z4 with Lollipop) it still persists after updating to 1.3.9.

Any ideas what it could be? Some other resident programs faking a change?
Another observation: The warning only pops up after editing single songs. If I select multiple songs to edit and I leave the screen without editing there is no warning.

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