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export/share setlist problem
I'm not sure if I'm confused (probably) or if there's a bug or both:
I shared a setlist to Google drive as .msf (I tried both export and "share"--I'm not sure what the difference is, so at the very least an explanation of that would be helpful.)

I then tried to import the file on another tablet. It found the file with no problem, correctly informed me that a file with that name already existed and asked if I wanted to update, create or cancel. I clicked update, at which point I got the following message:
"Importing setlies xxx containing 1 songs. Failed to import file...

So, it looks like the file uploaded correctly (it should have one song), but won't import correctly?


What I'm really wanting to do is update the setlist on my tablet and send it to a bandmate who already has all the songs--so I really just want her to get the tagging that updates her version of the setlist without adding new versions of the songs.

I know there is considerable discussion about how to share setlists on the forum, but reading it made me even more confused. Apologies is this is old ground, but a straightforward explanation of the best option for how to do this would be very helpful!
Confused Jeanne
I believe there is a bug currently with importing .msf setlist files. I will get it fixed for the next update. Having said that, what you are trying to do isn't currently supported with .msf files. I'm going to be adding a new option for sharing setlists that exports only the song list so that another user with the exact same songs in their library can update their matching setlist. This will be a .mss file (MobileSheets Setlist) to distinguish it from the .msf file which contains all song data and files in addition to the setlist.

Thanks! I shall wait patiently (well, mostly). Looking forward to both the bug fix and the new feature.
I've just tried this and really wanted your new feature to export only the song list. In the meantime though it did strike me that an option to use the existing song would be useful. I didn't want to create a new song and I wasn't sure I wanted to update the existing one. Really the file conflict pop-up would suit songs too, including the tick box for doing it for all conflicts.

I've also just found that one of the songs I "updated" has done something odd with the overlay. I had some text on the song and it appears to have merged two versions of the text. (see attached image)

Originally both songs had the same text. The one in the setlist came from my phone, which was a restored backup from my tablet. the setlist was generated on my phone and copied to my tablet where I did the import.

It looks like the text size and position has changed and the two lots have been added.

I would have thought the update option would have replaced the song with the one from the setlist, so maybe you need more options. Use original, replace original, merge the two or cancel.


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I've been studying the code, and I can't figure out yet how this occurred. If you imported a .msf file, and specified that you wanted to update a song, it should replaced that song's annotations with the annotations in the .msf. There definitely should not have been a merging of the two. I'm going to have to do some additional testing to see if I can reproduce this error.

On a side note, the next update will include options for deciding what is packaged in the .msf file. You will be able to choose whether to include metadata, annotations, midi commands and audio files. The metadata option packages all fields and things like link points, bookmarks and text file settings.
OK Mike, thanks for looking. If you want any of the files to play with, let me know.

I annotated a song, exported that song to .msf, then cleared the annotations and made different annotations. I then imported that original .msf to update the song to verify that it would clear out the new annotations and restore the old ones. It worked as I expected - the original annotations were restored and the new ones were wiped out.

If you can provide me the files necessary to replicate what you are seeing, I can at least investigate the scenario in which things don't work as expected.

I've had a thought. Could this be because I aborted the import part way through? I think having chosen update for a few songs, I panicked and chose cancel. So maybe this is a problem backing out.

I will get the files together and send later

Well, as is the norm with these things, I can't reproduce what happened before. But there is still a slight problem. I am not getting the duplicated text, but the text size does seem to change. you can see this in the screen shot I attached before. The text is a lot bigger than it was before and it no longer fits in the surrounding box.


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