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One-click activation / deactivation of filters
I would like an option that allows activating and deactivating filters in a one-click option.
My scenario: I have chosen a selection of songs consisting of a certain combination of e.g. collections. Then I notice that a song is missing because I forgot to add it to one of the selected collections. I have to delete my filter settings to find the song and to add it to the missing collection. After that I want to have the previous filter settings back. I have to enter all filter settings once again.
The existing "x" button on the filter bar currently deletes all filter settings. This is also required, but is something different.
What I request is just deactivatiing the filter but keeping all the settings so that they can be re-activated with a single click.
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I think this is a good suggestion. Should I try to find an icon that represents enabled/disabled (and maybe use green for enabled, red for disabled), or should I go with a switch that has on/off? I'm thinking of placing this to the left of the additional filters icon.
I think it's a good addition, too.

Also IMHO the cuurent filter icon isn't needed in its current prominet form. Personally I very rarely switch the view and have the filter menu always on.

So maybe reuse the old icon for the new function and move the old one into the overflow menu so that you don't need to add a new buton?
Also, we discussed the benefit of permanent filters a few threads back. 

I suggested the filter to be permanent even after restarts. But now I think what I'd rather prefer is a  quick way to select a few recurring/favourite filters, ideally from a drop-down list with editable labels for the filters.

I often use the same filters and this would be very convenient. It could be limited to a few (maybe 5?) entries. (Maybe the list even could pop up with a long press on the filter icon).

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