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Snapping into place
This certainly is not a bug but a feature, but one that sometimes disturbs the workflow.

I noticed MSP "snaps pages into place" for some page turns (when dragging with the finger) as well as for "pinch to zoom". Am I right there's some kind of automism?

This gives sometimes unwanted results, so when I don't want to turn a page but just drag it a little bit up or down with a fingerpress. Same when I try to zoom in (to read something small) and it snaps to an area (tryping to center?).

Is it possible to deactivate this or make an option for it?
The "snap into place" is the page enforcing constraints so that it doesn't do something like push the page partially off the screen or not anchor it correctly if the page is smaller than the current screen dimensions. If people want, I could add an option to not do this, but I think it could lead to sub-optimal results in some situations. I can see that if you pinch zoom a small amount, the page will slide down, because it determines that part of the page is off the screen even though there is plenty of vertical space available, so it re-centers the page. If that is undesired, it begs the question of why the content is being zoomed off the screen. If it's because it's not important, I would argue that cropping is the right thing to do, not pinch zooming. For situations where a temporary zoom-in is needed (to read content as you have suggested), I can certainly see why this might be annoying though. Most of the time I would think you would zoom in a large amount, and if the page is larger than the screen, it won't re-center, so I'm curious how much you actually zoomed. I can't think of a situation where you can drag up or down with a finger press where it will have to recenter the page. How did you get this to occur?

My concern with removing the constraints is not in situations where zooming is used, it's in other situations like turning pages or scrolling with a pedal. Most of the time the layout logic should correctly handle not allowing the page to be scrolled too much or for weird things to happen where the page may be off the screen. But in those rare situations where the page is positioned incorrectly, those contraints prevent something really bad from happening. I think the real problem here is that the zoom allowed the page to go off the screen at all. I think, while zooming is active, the constraints should be applied, even though it might appear slightly awkward as the zoom won't be completely centered on the pinch zoom location. This would prevent the page from being moved after the zoom is complete. I will work on this to see how it behaves.

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