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setlists and pdfs with multiple songs
Spencer, you're in for a treat, because you will most likely discover many useful features MSP has you haven't thought as of yet.

As Mike and Skip already said, MSP already does exactly what you want. In the past there has been a big discussion of the benefits of maintaining single PDFs for each individual song or PDF collections for your archive. Thankfully Mike provided a way to keep PDF collections and reference the content as individual songs and entries for MSP.

Essentially you just reference the pages in the PDF you want to be shown as title/song and you can repeat that for all individual entries without the need to duplicate or split the PDF itself. Snippets is one way to create your song entries. CSV the other, much prefered way, if you want to add multiple or all entries from an entry at once.

Just look for the CSV topics in the forum and also the threads by itsme with (almost) ready to use CSVs for some fakebooks.

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