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What does a "PDF Bookmark File" look like?
To start with I don't use "MSP" since I don't yet have an Androïd tablet (I soon will, just to try it), but I use an iPad. For me this file from mediafire.com doesn't help me for anything. I only know that in "iGigBook" which is available for iPad as well as for Androïd users (5.0 or higher) that you can add without problems 165 PDF books (containing say 50-1000 songs each) and if the books are properly bookmarked and you've imported the bookmarks you just type a song name in the search field and the song will instantly pop up and you can scroll horizontally through all the pages from all the books wich contain that same song name and pick the one which suits you best.
This is the way "Jazaddict" likes to find his song I guess to begin with.

So in advance of tryïng to prepare myself at starting to use "MSP" at an Androïd tablet I started to convert my available ca 165 indexes (and more) into csv files, which can be used within "MSP". Converting is easy. But how the search function acts within "MSP", I've no idea. I only know that it is lightning fast in "iGigBook". I also know that adding 165 books to "forScore" (at my iPad) it probably leads to a disaster. With the 10-20 books I've right now in forScore starts to become already unacceptable slow. But that may be due to more reasons then the number of books only. I use e.g. song binding, add mp3 files and several notations/corrections within the files. So I'm curious about how MSP will function.

For some reason I didn't expect, the thread with the link to the csv files was marked as "Important thread", so the way I created the csv files must have been seen as useful according to Mike Zuber I guess.
How to use the list as presented in mediacare.com doesn't make sense for me at all. Probably related to some other not mentioned reader. My csv indexes point to particular PDF's I found at internet or got from others.
From many of those PDF's there are multiple versions. So the page numbers of the indexes fit only with the versions I did collect. Those versions were also bookmarked by me (see pdf file in link), so one can use them in any proper PDF reader which can import/read bookmarks Wink
Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70F and iPad

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