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[Place Chords Above Text] gives garbled text
Using Chordpro text files I tried the option to show chords in line with the text. This gives for some files a completely garbled display. Some other files seem to work correct. The chordpro file seems to be syntactically ok.

This is the setting (sorry, German locale):

This ist the Chordpro File content (I put the content into the box at the end of the posting, too):

Display when chords are shown in line with text. Parts are missing (the overlay is due to my screenshot invocation, but the main content is partly missing. It is only 1 / 1 page):

Display when chords are shown above the text. Everything is fine:

Settings for text file display. I don't know if this causes the problem:

Any ideas what is wrong? 

{title:All I Have to Do is Dream}
{subtitle: Everly Brothers}
{key: C}
[C]Dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream [G7]dream, [C]dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream [G7]dream
When [C]I want [Am]you [F]in my [G7]arms, when [C]I want [Am]you [F]and all your [G7]charms
When [C]ever I [Am]want you [F]all I have to [G7]do is [C]dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream d[G7]ream

When [C]I feel [Am]blue  [F]in the [G7]night, and [C]I need [Am]you [F] to hold me [G7]tight
When [C]ever I [Am]want you [F]all I have to [G7]do is [C]dre - [F]- a[C]m[C7]

If [F]I can make you mine, [Em]taste your lips of wine, [Dm]anytime [G7]night or [C]day[C7]
Only [F]trouble is [Em]gee whiz, I'm drea[D7]ming my life a[G]way[G7]

I [C]need you [Am]so [F] that I could [G7]die, I [C]love you [Am]so [F] and that is [G7]why
When [C]ever I [Am]want you [F]all I have to [G7]do is [C]dre - [F]- a[C]m[C7]


I [C]need you [Am]so [F] that I could [G7]die, I [C]love you [Am]so [F] and that is [G7]why
When [C]ever I [Am]want you [F]all I have to [G7]do is [C]dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream [G7]dream,
[C]Dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream [G7]dream, [C]dre - [Am]am [F]dream dream [G7]dream [C]dream
Thanks for the information. There were some major bugs with turning that setting off that I was able to locate and fix. I'm working on another update, so I'll include the changes with that.

Checked out the new version with a number of files and it works fine.
Thank you!
I'm glad to hear that - thanks for reporting the problem and providing test data.


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