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Two songs on one page
I also get this question once in a while on the ChordPro lists.
Using {title} for this purpose should be considered a bad idea, since it is defined to indicate the start of a new song, including skipping to a new page when printing. OTOH, MSPro is not a printing tool so yes, you may wish to render additional {title} directives as comments that look like title lines. I'm just very afraid that people will start using semantic directives for layout purposes, and the history of HTML has shown the disasters that may lie ahead.
Nevertheless I'd emphasize that every song alsways should start with a {title}.

The answer I usually give to this question is to use a {comment} instead of an additional title. Many people underestimate (or overlook) what you can do with comments.
ChordPro defines 3 styles of comments: "comment", "comment_italic" and "comment_box". In MSPro these appear as plain text, italic text and highlighted text, respectively. MSPro also supports "highlight" for highlighted text.
Now if it were only possible to define display settings (font, size, style) for all three comment styles...
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