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Update Wiped ALL of My Songs!
I don't even know what to say.....

Just updated both the app and the companion. Added some new charts, started to make a new setlist via Companion. I always have to break the connection and redo it in order to see any new songs...

When I reconnected, EVERYTHING was gone. Every song, every setlist -- EVERYTHING. I'm so screwed I don't even know where to begin.

Rebooted my tablet, M/S still shows it as empty. WTH?! 

I'm on my way to rehearsal right now -- with no charts. That'll go over great. Another one on Saturday, plus a gig Saturday night. I am so screwed......
You don't have another (even if a little earlier) back up on your computer?

Check to see where they're at using a file explorer [storage> internal/external card>android>data>com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro>files]. If they're all there you may be able to 'select all' and copy them to a folder somewhere and re-import [or sideload] them. You will probably need to watch out that you don't bury them too deeply into another folder [pdf in a folder that's in a folder]. If this happens look at settings>storage>create sub directories for each song [mspro], I think un-checking this would fix that problem. At the minimum you could do something like this for what you need now.
There's probably a better way that I don't know.

I just happened to think, if you have an external sd card maybe it's looking for the file on the wrong sd card.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
If the library disappears like that, it means something has happened to the database file that MobileSheetsPro uses to store all of the information for your library. If you go to Settings->Backup and Restore->Restore Automatic Database Backup, you can recover the most recent backup. This should restore your library. I'm not sure why the database was corrupted through... is it possible you disconnected in the middle of modifications being made?
I found the file on my tablet, looks like everything is still there from a cursory glance at it. Is the above method a safe way to get it all back?
It is safe - it just replaces mobilesheets.db with an older copy.
There are two that show on the d/b backup list: one at 384kb and one at 8668kb, dated a day apart (from approx. 4 weeks ago, so it's at least recent!). Which one should I choose?
The 8668kb one. 384kb sounds like an empty database (probably a copy of the new empty database).
Whew....alright, that did the trick. Much easier to replace the few songs added since then. Thanks so much, Mike!

NOW then -- can we address another bug that's been plaguing me for quite some time?

Whenever I add new pdf's via companion pro, I need to disconnect and reconnect before they will show up on the song list.

New songs show up in the Songs tab, but do not show up in the setlist tab without disconnecting/reconnecting. Sorry for the confusion.
I will look into that right now.
How are you adding the songs? I just dragged & dropped a file into the companion, created the new song through the song editor, and it showed up on the setlists tab.
I also performed a batch import and every song that was created also showed up on the setlists tab.
Drag and drop into companion. It shows up in songs, but not setlists.
I can disconnect and go into setlists on the tablet, but then whats the point of making sets via companion?

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