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Sharing Mss files
Shared a set list mss file via bluetooth to my other tablet.  It should be copying a file with the extension .mss, but instead it creates a file with .mss.xml extension.  When attempting to import the .mss file (which has an .xml extension), MobileSheetsPro won't even see the file, since it's looking for an .mss extension, and not an .xml extension.  No way to rename the file that I know of on using my Android tablet alone because it doesn't even give you the option of changing an extension. 

So I connected my tablet to my Windows PC, removing the .xml extension on the file (so the file now had the proper .mss extension).  It then imported very easily into my tablet.

I assume that there is an error in the coding that creates an .xml extension rather than an .mss extension.  Even though both files are xml files, I believe that you have programmed the importing filter to only look for .mss files?

Am I understanding the problem correctly in this case?  And if so, any idea on when you may fix the issue?

I am currently learning to use all the facets of your impressive program now so I can share and instruct others.  I'm in the process of getting a lot of people in my music club turned on to tablets and your software.  Sharing set lists is going to be a huge part of saving everyone time.

While I'm at it, are you making any plans to share collections, too?  Or can I only do that by making a backup of my installation and restoring that in other tablets?

Thanks so much for your help.  I'm really impressed with how wonderful your software is.  I took it for a live test drive at a gig last Friday and Saturday.  Worked like a charm.

Thanks for your help!

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