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Companion App and Windows 10 version
I've just tried to connect to MS Companion App (2.5.0) and I've tried 3 scenarios with there results:

1) MobileSheets on the same device

Companion can see MobileSheets but it can't connect to it.

2) MobileSheets on another Windows 10 device

Companion can see MobileSheets and can connects without any problem. If I tried to add new song to app that has no sheets in it (so empty database from my point of view), it showed error and nothing was sent (see attached Error 1) and tablet said connection lost. It happened two or three more times. After that, I've tried to ad one song directly on tablet after that, connection was without any problem, everything looks good, I can edit every field. If I try it with same tablet with my whole backup loaded, database is sent without any problem. I can edit field in any song, changes are sent without any problem and if I try to send PDF (same as before, it's also without problem).


3) MobileSheets on Windows 10 Mobile smartphone

Companion can see MobileSheets and can connects without any problem, even with empty database, I can add new song without any error.

I have an idea when user wants to use companion app and MobileSheets on the same device. I presume that companion app just askes MobileSheet app to send database file and only if there is any change to PDFs (or other files) or it needs to display thumbnail for it, these files are actually sent. If you have MobileSheets app on the same device, companion app could sees database file (and all other files) directly without MS to run. If this is true, would it be possible to use Companion app without running MobileSheets app?

Tablet: Surface Pro 6, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
I was testing on Surface Pro 4 with MS and Companion on the same device. My results:

"Sync to PC" with an active Internet connection show an IP adress. However a locally running instance of MobileSheetsCompanion does not connect. Restarting wifi, Mobilesheets and companion did not resolve this.

"Sync to PC" without an active network connection shows no IP adress. A locally running instance of MobileSheetsCompanion does not connect. Being able to connect through the localhost address would be desirable.
For security reasons (according to Microsoft), they will not allow two applications running on the same machine to connect using the network with UWP applications. That means there is absolutely nothing I can do to get the MobileSheetsPro Companion to connect to the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets if they are running on the same box. With the way the companion app is currently implemented, there is nothing I can do about this, as it's all based upon using the network to transfer data.

I would have to basically rewrite huge sections of the companion app to have it directly access the database and other files in the library to support running it on the same box as a Windows 10 machine. That would also mean I could no longer use the same application for the Android companion app as the Windows 10 companion app, and I would have to add special handling so the user can specify when they are running on the same box as the Windows 10 app, versus running on a separate machine. After doing all this work, the companion app would basically be the same as the UWP app in terms of how it handles the library (which would probably be a lot of work as the way WPF handles files is very different from UWP). I must say, I don't really see the benefit in doing this. The Windows 10 app provides all of the same functionality as the companion app, so I don't really see why you would need to use both on the same box. I also think there are other things that need to be done that provide far more benefit and value.

Ok, I understand, if it really means so huge amount of work, just forget I've said anything about it. And yes, there are other more valuable things that will be beneficial to many more people than this "special" feature.

Tablet: Surface Pro 6, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
Just installed the Win 10 app and it's great. I ran into the same thing trying to use the app and the companion on the Win 10 machine, but I found out that as you say, you may as well just do: "Import > Local File" and bypass the companion. One thing that is kind of an embarrassment of riches with all this is that there will be always the need to back up often, just about any time changes are made in order not to lose track of which device has the latest changes.  Down the road, maybe some kind of sync control but will just have to stay alert and backing up often is not a bad habit is it?

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