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Version 1.6.6 has been submitted to the store
I just submitted version 1.6.6 to the store with the changes listed below. I also added store pages for every language except German and Italian (waiting on translations for those). Hopefully the update doesn't take too long to get approved. I will update this post once the changes are live.

MobileSheets v1.6.6
  • Fixed issues with songs failing to load in setlists
  • Added missing translations for almost all supported languages
  • The Speed render preference now works properly without showing a watermark on PDFs.
  • The sharing and export features now work.
  • If the floating toolbar is hidden, a new action item is now available in the overflow menu to toggle the filters
  • Added support on several screens to go back if the escape key is hit and no control has focus
  • Added support for launching files in Windows using MobileSheets as the target
  • Added support for tapping on an already selected group tab to go back to the list of the groups when the songs are currently visible
  • Fixed bugs with printing that could cause it to fail.
  • The annotations editor will now correctly scroll to whatever position was visible on the main screen when loaded
  • Fixed bug with restoring larger library backups that could cause the application to run out of memory
  • Fixed issue that prevented many settings from being restored from Android backups
  • Fixed bugs with changing the storage location to a new folder (and moving the library files)
  • Fixed a large number of bugs with the clear library feature
  • Fixed bug where pressing the back button could exit the application incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where resizing the window wouldn't update the hit detection areas for touch actions
  • Fixed issue with the next song bar being shown on top of scores
  • Fixed bugs with using a mouse as a pedal where some clicks would have no effect
  • The floating toolbar will now correctly hide if turned off in the settings
  • Fixed issues with not correctly handling case sensitivity in file paths
  • Changed the checkboxes on the settings screen to toggle switches
  • Fixed bug that could cause annotations not to show up after saving changes
  • Fixed crash with changing the page in the annotations editor.
  • Fixed bugs with the settings page that could cause a crash on some devices or display an incorrect screen.
  • Increased size and clarity of most of the tile images used for MobileSheets
  • Fixed bug that could cause the overflow menu not to work
  • Fixed bug with the dark theme not working correctly in the song editor. Also fixed incorrect background color for lists.
  • Fixed bug where using emojis would cause the app to crash
  • Merged changes from Android 1.6.5 and fixed a large number of crashes

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Version 1.6.6 has been submitted to the store - by Zubersoft - 12-16-2016, 04:27 AM

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