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Print problem
I'm trying to print a song file (with its annotations), but when I try to print I only get a grossly enlarged upper lefthand corner of the music. (The file displays and responds normally in MS.) This happens irrespective of which printer I select, including Microsoft Print to PDF.
When the printer selection window appears, it already shows the enlargement only -- not the whole page.
Thanks for any help.
What kind of file are you trying to print (pdf, image, text)? I don't seem to encounter that problem while printing using the latest version. I'm assuming you are running the latest (1.6.7) right?
I'm trying to print a Song file (including the annotations I've added).
Attached are two screenshots:  One shows the file as normally displayed; the other shows the same file when selected for Print.
Yes, it's 1.6.7

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If you can export it to a .msf file, that would really help. You can do that by long pressing the song and selecting Share->Export as .msf.

Sorry, I'm lost.
I exported as .msf. But now what do I do with that file?
You can email it to me at mike@zubersoft.com or you can upload it on the forum (I've changed the settings to allow .msf files now).
I'll email it.  (I tried attaching to this reply but the site said "file type not allowed".)
So I tested out the song/file, and the print dialog shows it correctly. There may be a difference in our application settings that is causing the issue, but I can't imagine which setting would have that large of an impact. I'll continue testing on other devices to see if it shows up incorrectly on them.
Some bad news, and good:

I tested several other song files on the same Surface tablet, with the same results.
(And those same files on my android tablet print normally.)

I did find, however, that if I do an Share/Export files, rather than a Print, I get the desired results: a .pdf file including my annotations. So the problem appears to be something in the "Print" routine, but at least I have a workable solution for now.

Thanks again! I continue to be blown away by MobileSheets and the customer support that comes with it.
If you go to "More Settings" on the print dialog, what orientation and paper size do you have selected? Mine shows "Letter" as the paper size.


That probably doesn't matter, as I tried every setting and they all seemed fine. Is anyone else encountering issues with the print dialog?
I've just tried to print few songs that have annotations and few that don't via selecting song(s) and print from "more" menu under three dots. PDFs without annotations are all fine but songs with annotations doesn't print correctly. Printed PDF is bigger than limit of this forum allows (seems like Microsoft Print to PDF problem not MS), so please use this link to download them:


Printed PDF has incorrectly placed annotations, PDF done via share function is alright as you can see when compared to direct printscreen from app. I've also included msf file so you can try it if it behaves the same on your device...

EDIT: I don't see any errors in print dialog itself. Only the thumbnail in print dialog of second page from my example file has already misplaced annotations.

Tablet: Surface Pro 5, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
Mike - mine is "Letter" size also.

NeoCZ: Thank God, I'm not the only one! Smile
(But see my previous post for a workaround.)
NeoCZ - I actually just fixed that bug earlier today where cropping causes annotations to be incorrectly placed. It's included in the 1.6.8 update which I pulled down, added bug fixes, and am going to resubmit (as Microsoft hasn't started the certification yet).

Frank - I was under the impression the print thumbnail is incorrect, not just the annotations. I finally just found a file that is rendering incorrectly for me in the print preview, so I hopefully should be able to get this fixed tonight and it will be included in 1.6.8.
Just wanted to say that this issue is completely fixed in the update I submitted.
It looks my problem is fixed in 1.6.8, thanks.

Tablet: Surface Pro 5, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7

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