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Rating Field can´t be edited, plus missing delete icon

just installed MS Windows, it looks very familiar... excellent!!
I am planning to use that as the "home base" for all edits and additions, and fuel up the two Android tablets with the backup library.
No more editing on the tablets, that´s the plan. In real life I will probably make annotations on the tablet or add a song to the "needs work" group, the laptop just won´t be around always. Will have to see how I keep track of where´s the best version of the library.

I try to add the first song in Windows now and notice the Rating can´t be accessed, neither through the keyboard, mouse nor touch screen.

The second possible bug:
On the "Fields" tab, the two icons for Add and Delete are not shown, on the right of the individual fields where they are in Android.
Everything is pitch black.
When the mouse goes over the area, where the icons are supposed to be, the Dust Bin is pops up, and disappears again when the mouse moves away.
The Add icon is never showing. 
I found out that I can just type the value ("James Blunt") so the Add button isn´t really needed I guess.
One has to be an insider to find the delete function though :-)

I have a fix in place for the rating issue. There is no longer an add button, as you discovered (because it's unnecessary), but the delete icons are showing up just fine for me, so hopefully it won't be an issue for you either after this update is released.

Delete buttons still not showing , but this is no problem for me. Hovering over the place where they are, while still not bringing up the icon - only when I actually click - allows me to delete the group item.
Sure, it doesn't behave as you intended...
Thanks for fixing the rating issue!
I still can't explain the missing buttons, as I don't see that on my tablet or PC... You aren't using a phone, are you? That's the one thing I don't test regularly on, as I don't own a Windows phone.

I can see delete button in fields tab on my Lumia 930 (we are talking about deleting assigning to collections, artists, etc. of selected song, right?)

Tablet: Surface Pro 6, 
Other: Strich BT-FP2, USB-MIDI connection to Kurzweil Forte 7
The delete icons don't show on a Dell XPS 13, latest generation.
Delete Icons in the "Fields" tab are visible now!

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