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Cannot pan when vertical scrolling
(01-10-2017, 04:49 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Hello,

Zooming in MobileSheetsPro is currently a very heavy action, as both the zoom and pan are written to the database so that the page is shown the exact same way every time you load the song.  Unfortunately, this model isn't the best for users who like to zoom and pan a lot.   With text/chord pro files, zooming in doesn't really work the best way either.   I believe that I should be increasing/decreasing the font size when pinch zooming so that font size is increased, but the document is re-rendered to account for the larger size font. Currently, if you zoom in, it just scales the image larger, meaning you will run into issues with content going off the screen (as you have seen).  

If you want to zoom and pan, you will have to switch to the pan tool every time you want to pan the content of the page around (it's the hand icon at the bottom of the song overlay that is shown when you tap in the center of the score).  If this is not working in the vertical scrolling mode for some reason, then that is something I will have to fix.

If anyone has thoughts on how zooming/panning should best be handled with chord pro files, please share your ideas.

Hum, interesting... I begin to understand a little more about hows and whys of the problems I encounter!
I do not use chords or midi, neither audio, metronome or tuner (since I have other devices already for that) BUT I use a lot of zooming, panning AND cropping in order to get my work done with the program, so I guess that is why I report so many problems!
After understanding that I should keep cropping to a minimum and avoid writing to close to the edges in order to avoid ghosting of annotation and whatnot, I understand now that I should keep zooming and panning to a minimum too?
I also discovered a new funny behaviour: when I have zoomed something and panning to the right of the page, it sometimes but not always return to the left of the page as if it was continuous, so I could keep panning to the right endlessly!
Please share if you have the same kind of behaviour as we can have more weight if we are many of us with those requirements!


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