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SOLVED: Stopping media player jumping to next song?
I sometimes have a couple of versions of backing tracks for the same song, and have them listed in the media player linked to a chart. How do I stop it auto jumping to the next backing track version at the end of the previous backing track?

Or is it not possible to have a couple of different tracks assigned to one chart?

No-one has any ideas on this? Nothing in the manual either. Well that I could see anyway.
Bring up the audio player,click on the gears at the top right, and see if you have auto play next track checked.
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Bingo!  Thx much! I could not find that in the manual anywhere. Must have been lookign in the wrong place I guess?? I did several searches on various text strings and got nothing haha!

EDIT: just entered audio player in the PDF reader search box...and it came up! Don't know why I didn't think of entering audio player..duh!
My problem with the audio player is a little different to the OP.  I have a number of 3 part harmony pieces recorded and linked to the song file.  I like to be able to chose which parts to practise but when I have finished playing the song and move on to another song - no problem, the player will play the same parts when I next go back to it, but if I wish to play the song a second and subsequent times, the player skips to the second audio part and "auto play next track" is not ticked.  What I want it to do is keep playing the first part with the audio player playing parts two and three until I decide differently.  I have reported this before Mike and you said you would look into it.

I know I can indicate which track to be played by bringing up the audio player and selecting the track with a screen press but I control the audio player start/stop with a foot pedal with the screen out of reach.

Hannspree 13.3"
Android 4.2.2
Can you link me to our previous discussion? This isn't ringing a bell unfortunately. I may have created an enhancement request that I haven't worked off yet if it involved code changes on my end. I'm assuming none of the current repeat modes for the audio player will meet your needs, right? You can also use the pedal to skip to the next track, or go back to the previous track, but you most likely don't have enough pedals to support that.

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