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Bluetooth pedal issues
I typically use my tablet (Acer Switch 12 with PageFlip Firefly) in both Landscape and Portrait modes depending on how well my eyes are working that day and how familiar I am with the piece. I have the Pedal Action Setting options set like this:
  • Debounce - Half Second
  • Scroll Speed - Medium
  • Scroll Amount - 50% of page
  • Fixed Duration - 1 second
Pedal 1
  • Keys - Up, Left, PageUp, Space
  • Action - Scroll Up or Turn Page if at Top
Pedal 2
  • Keys - Right, Down, PageDown, Enter
  • Scroll Down or Turn Page if at Bottom
Pedal 3 & 4 settings are empty. I also use the following settings that I thought might be relevant to these issues:

Prevent Pedal From Changing Songs - On
Enable USB Mouse Processing - On
Treat Mouse Click as Pedal Press - On
Disable Page Turn Animation - Off
Separate Songs in Two Page Mode - On
Page Alignment - Top

Display mode:
  • When in Orientation: Landscape, Display mode is set to: Two Pages
  • When in Orientation: Portait, Display mode is set to: Vertical Scrolling

Here are a few things that don't work as I had expected with my settings:

1) Go into Pedal Action Setting, change something other than Scroll Speed and then Close. Scroll Speed always gets reset to "Slowest." This always seems to happen unless Scroll Speed is the only thing you change before closing.

2) The Debounce option doesn't seem to work at all no matter what setting I use. Pages will continue to turn as fast as I press the pedal. The pedal is set to use PgUp/Dn and the repeat switch is "Off."

3) When using a setlist in Landscape mode and a song with multiple pages is on the screen, pressing the right pedal incorrectly advances to the next song. When a song with a single page is displayed, right pedal presses do not advance to the next song (this is my desired action for both single and multi-page songs). Left pedal presses work as expected in all cases.

4) Speed of the animation in Portrait mode when Scroll Speed is set to "Medium" seems about right for me so far. Speed of the animation in Landscape mode (two page display, single page turn) is just a bit too fast for me no matter what setting I use. Perhaps the horizontal speed wasn't meant to be adjustable, but I think it would help me follow my current location better if it was a little slower.

I have fixes in place for #1 through #3. Thanks for letting me know about those.

As for #4, the page turn animation speed is something other users have requested control over, so I do plan on changing it from an "enable/disable" setting into a list of choices.


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