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Feature request
Well, of course I know even less how to control or program that. 

I'm sure it's the OS reclaiming (too) aggressively the memory in my case. Does MSP use much more memory if the database is big (mine is about 50 MB filesize)? It happens often that I switch from MSP to another app for a moment and have to wait for several long seconds to load the database a new when I switch back.

All I can say - as I mentioned before - there are apps controlling this successfully.

For instance the Glextor App Manager which holds is database in memory (as option in the preferences).

MSP will certainly use more memory with a database that size, but I can't say for certain how much more. If you've loaded the database and then you've loaded a setlist, for example, that will use considerably more memory as all of the buffered images will be in memory.

Please do a test for me - install MobileSheetsFree, add one song to the library, load it, then switch between it and other apps and see if MobileSheetsFree reloads when you switch back to it. If it does, then there may be something that can be adjusted. If it doesn't, then it's just an issue with memory usage. Other apps like Glextor App Manager are most certainly using a lot less memory than MobileSheetsPro as I'm buffering a lot of stuff in memory to try to keep the app quick and responsive (after the initial load).

Well, I did your suggested test. As you already suspected and I feared it seems to be indeed just an issue with memory usage. There was no reload of the database in the free version with just one imported file even after switching to several other apps.

So essentially I have to hope that you implement the feature allowing multiple databases and switching them in the near future so I can slim down my database to avoid my problem with the reload.
I agree with having a record option. Would be very convinent for recording practice takes

After using MobileSheets for a few days on Windows 10 this is one of the two features I miss.

The other one is being able to create a bookmark page with previews, like so: https://imgur.com/a/FbucKcc

Also, thank you for this great piece of software.

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