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Song editing: Tab MIDI

I was experimenting on combining MSP with my Tyros 5 keyboard. I wanted to 1) automatically setting the registration on Tyros when loading the song in MSP on my Android tablet;  2) the other way around: automatically displaying the song in MSP when seleting the registration on the Tyros.

I managed to get both ways done - with great help from the explanations of Siggi here in the forum. Thanks a lot, Siggi. Or: "Vielen Dank!" (But this Google-translation is nothing Google can be proud of. S, as a German myself, I had to try to understand which german sentences you had entered into the Google-translator...)

Well, I succeeded in the end.
But I had one problem, which took me a lot of time:
One should set the option "Load Song on Receive" to "ON".
But I couldn't find that option! Where should that option be? In Mobile Sheets - or, when it 's not there, in the Tyros?

Finally I found the anwer when looking it up again in the documentation of MobileSheets: There - on page 55, Figure 28 - I saw it; it has to be beneath the option "Send on Song Load".
The display on my tablet computer only showed the upper option, but not the other one beneath it.
And that because I use my tablet in landscape view! There is not enough space in landscape view to show the whole MIDI-editing page!
And it is not possible to scroll this page down! That's why I couldn't find it!

So - the solution for me is to turn the tablet in portrait mode; and - voilá! - the option I was so deperately looking for suddenly appeared! It was always here, but not to be seen, unreachable in landscape mode.

Could you please change this bug, please?
Either in reducing the height of this page, or by making this page scrollable.

Thanks a lot!

Greetings from germany
I've made that screen scrollable now. Thanks for letting me know.


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