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Scroll speed - feedback needed
A user has just brought to my attention a problem with the automatic scrolling. If pages in a setlist or song are different sizes, the scroll speed is not constant. It slows down for smaller pages and appears to speed up with larger pages. The reason for this is, at the moment, calculating the duration of the scroll involves taking the page size and dividing it by the scroll speed. So if a page is only 100 pixels high, and the speed is set to medium (3 seconds), it will slowly scroll that 100 pixels so that it takes three seconds to go that distance. If the page is 1000 pixels, it will scroll ten times as fast to scroll the same distance in the same time.  The problem is that scroll speed is currently a measure of time, when it really needs to be a measure of pixels per second (accounting for different screen densities of course).

One side effect of making this change is that it would appear to make smaller devices scroll faster than larger devices as they have fewer pixels displayed on their screen, but the difference would probably be fairly minor.  Another problem is that if I make this change, I don't want it to affect the work existing users have done in setting up their songs. What I'm thinking of doing is to take one of my tablets, stretch a page to fill the screen, scroll 20% of the screen using all of the different speeds, and mark down the number of pixels that are advanced per second. I can then try to convert my current approach to that, and hope it's close enough that it doesn't affect users much. 

What do people think about this? Does everyone agree that it's better for the automatic scrolling to maintain a consistent speed regardless of page size?

Agree, this makes sense.
I use one size for all songs though, the change wouldn't affect me...
I have noticed this, and have always accepted it as a consequence of my having created 'short' pages.

I'm not sure what the best answer is, but it can be really irritating!

Sometimes I hit the scroll pedal before the current scrolling action is completed, and it (apparently) cancels scrolling.

I should have hit the 'page forward' pedal.

Would be nice if a second tap on the scroll pedal increased the scroll speed instead of canceling. Maybe 1.5x or 2x?
I could be wrong, it happened once before.

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