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sets, song number, and clock on song display
when I create a setlist, I add separator files to denote Set 1, Set 2, etc. It'd be nice to have those defined as objects in MSP so then the song number within a set can be shown when displaying the setlist or the song. E.g. for songs in set #3: 1/3, 2/3, etc. 

Additionally when I play a gig, it'd be nice to show where I am in the set, i.e. show the time and the song number within the set, something like: "9:15pm, song 11/2" (for 11th song in set 2). It could be shown either as permanent overlay, or when tapping on the song.

This echoes previous requests, e.g.:

Pre-emptively answering possible objections :-):
- I could create different setlists for each set, but that wouldn't let me see if I select a song twice in different sets
- I can define the set separators as place-holders, but that doesn't address the numbering issue
- I know if you switch off the Full Display mode you can see the time, but 1) it's very dim, and 2) it doesn't show the song number
- I can buy a clock and put it on the music stand, but when using a tablet holder, that won't work. And looking at my watch during a gig is bad form IMHO.
- I have no idea if this request is easy to do, so if anyone has a better idea to achieve the same result, feel free to suggest

Thanks for considering this request.
Those first two threads you linked to are asking for numbering on the setlists tab. I absolutely still plan on adding that, and soon. They do not cover what you are asking for, I believe, which is to be able to see that information as something on top of the currently displayed song.

Support for separators has been asked for in the past, and it comes with a great deal of complexity due to my current design. The separators would be nothing more than a visual indicator, and would not modify the way songs would be displayed at all. It also means that I have to make major modifications to the editor used for setlists. If the separators are named, then sure, I could use that as a way to break up a setlist into smaller sections. Would the first section of the setlist be named the same thing as the setlist, or would it be required to add a separator before the first song in the setlist to name that part? Or I guess I could just name each part as "Set 1, set 2, set 3, etc" and not require them to be named, but I would think people might like to provide specific names for sections.

I'm definitely going to do what I can to address this request and the others that have been made. I'm just not sure exactly when I'm going to start working on it.

thanks for looking into it. Yes, naming the parts Set 1, Set 2, etc. would be an awesome thing, at least for the purpose I identified. I'm sure someone will end up asking to be able to name the sections, but maybe a generic name defined in the settings that you follow with a number would be enough.

The logical way to me would be:
==== Set 1 ===
1.1: song aaaa
1.2: song sssssss
1.3: song dddddd
==== Set 2 ====
2.1 song qqqq
2.2: song wwww
2.3: song eeeeee

And if there are no Set separators, then:
1: song aaa
2: song ssssss

(the reason to indicate the set number with the song is for when you print the setlist)

In the song display (the one with the time :-)), you can even put the number of songs in the set, as "Set 3, Song 5 of 11".


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