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More database functionality for the compainion
Now we have the fantastic opportunity to use the "Connected Device" option to load songs on several devices. Great!
But actually that is only working, if all devices use the same database, what means the same music sheets.

In real life, the piano player needs another sheet (c-version) than the sax-player (Bb- or Eb- version) or the singer (including text) for the same song.

I would like to have more database functionality for the compainion, using unique device names of all tablets that shall be connected:
  • Add the device names to all mobilesheet datasets (additional column)
  • Load more than one backup file (they have to be stored on the dektop computer)
  • Create unique ID-numbers for every song
  • Create a song exchange list:
    •   Device A: "Softly as in a morning sunrise" -  ID-1234567
    •  => Device B: "Softly as in a morning sunrise _Bb" -  ID-7654321
    •  => Device C: "Softly as in a morning sunrise _Eb" -  ID-0000007
    • => ...
  • Restore and Rewrite to HDD with selection:
    • Restore "Device A"
    • Restore "Device B"
    • Restore "Device C"
    • Restore ...
    • Restore "All"

The "Open"-command on the devices should only use the ID numbers.
If device B is the "leader" and opens "Softly as in a morning sunrise _Bb" -  ID-7654321 on device A should be opend "Softly as in a morning sunrise" -  ID-1234567 and on device C "Softly as in a morning sunrise _Eb" -  ID-0000007.

At the end, the compainion would become a song-device-manager!
The compainion could restore direct to connected devices or create restore-files for each device to HDD.

It could become even more functionality if an additional parameter "orchestra" would be defined.
Than severeal song exchange lists could be managed for different orchestras, because most musicians are playing in several bands/orchesters.

Just an idea. Theoretically it seems pretty simple.  Big Grin
Sorry for my bad English!
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More database functionality for the compainion - by Vibraphon - 03-02-2017, 03:00 AM

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