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Switching SD Cards
[Disclaimer: I am just trying to figure this out]

It looks like the way it works, it converts each document from pfd (etc.) into a mobile sheet format (?) You can also convert the pdf-based image into image files so it loads setlists faster and pages can be placed in different orders (because each page is a separate image file).

I have been working with each pdf separate in pdf format in my current system. I think I will just keep it simple and not change to image-based format. [Where I have big books -- "Real books", etc. I guess I will still just scan each song as a separate document].

I really wish the annotations could be embedded in the pdf so I could transfer the marked pdfs between the two systems. I would give much more flexibility (if I have a problem with my tablet, etc.)

Anyway, still figuring this out. I am bumming I have to wait to get my new SD card from Amazon). This keeps me from converting everything over and getting it fully up and running.

(06-22-2013, 05:49 AM)sglynn55@gmail.com Wrote: Jeff

I also have questions about the preferred way to store the data. Is it better to keep it internal or route it to the external memory chip. Which every if you are changing chips or pads I think you should use the backup and recovery instead of merely dragging and dropping files.

(06-22-2013, 03:12 AM)jeffn1 Wrote: I just got my Tochiba Excite 13 delivered.

I also ordered a 128 gb SD Card, but it has nto arrived yet.

If I use another SD Card for now to get things up and running, will it be easy to transition everything over when I move the files to the new SD Card?

Can I just load the file into my computer and copy it to the new sd card and then install the new SD Card intot he tbalet.

Will I need to change the directory to point to the new SD Card (even though it will located in the same place in the tablet).

Could you walk me though what to do to accomplish this in the easiest way possible.



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