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MobileSheetsPro v1.8.0 Released
MobileSheetsPro v1.8.0 has been released with mainly bug fixes and a few minor enhancements.  I was previously planning on the next release including many new features surrounding MIDI, but a user informed me of a critical bug that required an immediate fix. This bug occurs when using a custom folder on a removable SD card as the storage location for MobileSheetsPro. If "Create Subdirectory per Song" is disabled, and a song is deleted, the storage location and all files in it can be deleted. This occurs because Google's newer storage API doesn't check to see if a folder is empty before allowing a deletion. It will just delete the folder and all files in it.  I was unaware of this difference in behavior from the normal file API, and have added fixes to address it. The full list of changes can be found below:

MobileSheetsPro v1.8.0
  • Fixed issue that could cause files to be incorrectly deleted if using a custom storage location on a removable SD card without song subdirectories
  • Added support for Japanese
  • Fixed issue with the automatic scrolling speed being 4x too slow when using the Scroll and Pause behavior
  • Added support for up to 6 pedals
  • Fixed bug when loading specific songs in a setlist when the sort mode is set to shuffle.
  • IPv6 addresses are now correctly ignored when connecting to the companion application
  • Fixed bug with reporting progress while uploading files to Dropbox
  • Fixed issue with articles not being ignored if they were not separated by spaces in the settings
  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements
I'm nearing completion on the next major update. The Android side is finished, and I'm just copying the changes over to Windows 10 and the companion app. I'm excited to share some of the new features that have been added!


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