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Scroll amount settings (feedback appreciated)
A user has brought to my attention an undesired behavior with the automatic scrolling. I've changed the scrolling so that the speed at which pages are scrolled is now constant regardless of the page size. However, if the scroll behavior is set to "Scroll and Pause", and a page percentage is specified for the page amount, the amount the screen is scrolled between pauses varies based upon page size. If pages are heavily cropped, this results in a very small portion of the screen being scrolled each time.  This is especially noticeable when using the vertical scrolling display mode. One thing I can do is base the scroll amount on the screen size instead of the page size, and change the wording of the setting to, "Scroll Amount: ___ (% of screen)".

This also brings up the same problem with the scroll amount used with the pedal scrolling. For people using a pedal to scroll with the vertical scrolling display mode, I would think that scrolling a % of the screen height is also the right thing to do.  However, when using the single page display mode in landscape orientation, I would think people would want to scroll a percentage of the page, not the screen, as the page is twice as tall as the screen, so 35% of the page is 70% of the screen. This would also apply to the automatic scrolling.

I'm thinking that the best path forward is to scroll a % of the screen height in the vertical scrolling display mode, but scroll a % of the page when using the single page display mode in landscape orientation with half pages displayed. Does that make sense to people?  In this case, I may just change the wording of the setting to "Scroll Amount: ___ %". 

I really appreciate any feedback people can provide, as I hate to make changes to behavior without users buying in first.


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Scroll amount settings (feedback appreciated) - by Zubersoft - 04-23-2017, 03:32 AM

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