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Stroke Eraser
(05-30-2017, 10:03 AM)Zuberman Wrote: Can you provide any additional details about the stroke erase? I couldn't really find much on it with a quick Google search.  Is the idea behind the stroke erase that you just draw a line with the surface pen, and it cleanly erases everything around that line?

Basically I'm refering to a 'stroke' as a line that is made by the pen from when it is initially touched to the screen, to when it is lifted up. So if I wrote a word in cursive without lifting my pen, and I use the eraser on any part of that 'stroke' the entire word will be erased. In terms of normal print, it allows individual letters to be erased by just hitting any part of the letter. With the exception being on letters that you write where you have to pick up the pen. For example a lower case 'i' or a 't' where it took to separate 'strokes' to draw the letter. Or if you draw a rectangle without picking up the pen and you touch the eraser on any part of the rectangle it will erase the entire thing, but if it was drawn by lifting up the pen between each side, you would have to touch the eraser on all four sides to erase it. Does that help at all? And as I'm thinking more about it I can see that this might be difficult to do. Thanks!

Here is a link to how microsoft describes it: https://microsoftsurface.tumblr.com/post...-can-erase

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