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Midi Action issues
When it comes to the channel, in code, it's all 0-based, so it's 0-15. This doesn't match the channel settings in the application that I display to the user, so I agree that the listen dialog should be updated to display channel + 1, so I've made that change.

MobileSheetsPro is set up right now to do processing on received messages on one channel - the channel configured in the settings for MIDI channel. The fact that I allow channel to be selected for MIDI actions is a mistake. If you look at the "Allow Multiple MIDI Channels" setting description, it states that it "Allows MIDI messages to be sent to multiple devices on different channels", but it isn't intended to be used to filter on channel on the receiving end. This limitation of receiving only on one channel is not a limitation of what I can support with MIDI - it's just an extra check in the code to allow messages from other MIDI channels to be ignored.

So this really brings up some larger issues:

1) Having a default MIDI Channel makes sense for sending messages, as you should be able to quickly change what channel you are sending all of your messages to. For users with a more complex setup, they can enable multiple channels and send their messages to multiple devices as required. When it comes to receiving messages, I'm not sure the setting really makes sense, or it doesn't make sense to use one setting for both. So I think I really should either not have a setting for the receive channel or separate this setting into two options: Send Channel and Receive channel.

2) If I do have a receive channel setting, I think I should add an "all" or "omni" setting, and that this should be the default so that you can receive on all connected channels. Do you think that should that be the default, or is it better to only receive on one channel by default? I'd like to hear feedback on whether filtering on the receiving end is useful to people.

3) When setting up the channel for MIDI commands, this was always intended to be just for sending. Is that sufficient, or do people also want this to apply to the receiving end so that you can only process certain MIDI messages on certain channels? This will drive whether I remove the ability to set channel for MIDI actions or leave it and change the way channel is processed.

I'll be curious to hear feedback on how people want this to work. As for the setting not taking affect, that is true, I'll need to add specific handling for changing that setting so it takes effect immediately instead of only after you leave the settings screen.


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