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BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import
Big mess, for a while, a scary ghost experience. After a massive Batch Import (new fakebook), MSPC showed almost double the number of songs in the library, 8969 Songs. Yesterday if was less than half this. It not only added new songs I was importing, it re-added all my existing songs. Except, it was a ghost...

As I've done before, I selected the one folder on my PC where I store all songs I want on my tablet, then I had MSPC do a Batch Import. I always set it to Avoid Duplicate Songs, but to NOT Update songs if matching, not Automtically crop, etc. I figured this was a simple way to get all the new songs into MSP, rather than manually select each of them. This has worked before, no problems. 

MSPC ran overnight, showed the normal songs counting along, and then finished. Looking in MSPC, Batch Import added all the new songs, just once. But any song that already was in the library got added AGAIN, creating duplicate records for most than 4 thousand songs. Note that Avoid Duplicate Songs is and was always selected. 

Since the duplicates in MSPC show identical path\file name, theyh can't be duplicate files, they must be are massive duplicate database records. Could this happen if Avoid Duplicate Songs failed to function? Or something else, apparently...

Looking for other oddities, I tried to do a single song import into MSPC. It would let me select the song PDF, but then nothing happened. No error, but the file did not get added to MSPC. 

The only change in my system was MSPC auto-updating itself, which I believe happened just before the latest incident. 

More odd: Disconnecting tablet from PC, checking tablet, NONE of the just-imported files are there. Note that the import process ran for maybe 12 hours, then "completed". But what was it doing? When I terminated the connection on the tablet it popped up a java error. 

So, it seems the PC-tablet connection failed. But MSPC did not detect this, and the tablet didn't show a connection failure either. MSPC spent many many hours importing files and presumably updating the tablet, then seemed to complete. My only clue it didn't really happen was seeing all the dupes in the MSPC songs list. 

Upon reconnection, I created a current backup on tablet. Then I reconnected tablet and PC. This reloaded the MSPC database from the PC, showing that there are no duplicates, and none of the new songs either. It's like it didn't really happen, though MSPC kept itself very busy for 12 hours or so, counting through the songs. Why did it not detect that something had failed? 

Now reconnected with a seemingly normal database, I created a fresh local backup in MSPC. This seeemed to work, except it perhaps got hung. It shows this:
"Transferring data from tablet..." 
Progress shows 100% (all green)
Current Song shows a name. 
Current File is blank (how can there be a song name but no file (I know this song file, it's a 2-page PDF). 
The only button option is Cancel. 
I don't want to cancel, I want it to finish. Been this way for almost 15 minutes, seems frozen. 
Windows Task Manager shows no MSPC activity. 
Tablet shows no activity since I made a local backup 15 minutes ago. 

I can Cancel and try to make a backup again. 

Or I can Cancel MSPC backup for now, and try Batch Import again. MSPC backup is not crucial since I have all the PDFs separate stored, the main benefit is if/when the tablet version of the library fails (as it did recently when the storage card went bad). 

Or what? Am I overlooking something? Or was this just a random connection failure that didn't detect so it kept the Import chugging along? If \so, why has MSPC backup apparently stopped before completing? What should I try next?

PS: I really wish MSP / MSPC had an auto-backup option. Perhaps on a schedule, or simply upon closing ask if a backup is desired at that point. Could save a lot of grief.
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1

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