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BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import
Mike, thanks for the reply and explanations. I don't have other indications of network problem, but I moved the tablet to within a few feet of my router just in case.

What is really helpful is knowing how a duplicate is detected, and whether comparison happens via database or file. You may recall some time ago I suggested a database rebuild option or tool, for the (rare) times when they get out of sync. Re-read the files and adjust the database accordingly (for all records that should have attached file). I'm thinking that actual files are the baseline, because a database record that must point to a file (vs. a placeholder, etc) is worthless without a file. A PDF (or image) file without a database record is also worthless. Scanning either way would work, to be sure there are no orphans (even better, re-connect when possible, then list whatever is still un-matched).

But here's an example that hard to explain.

First: I use one flat folder for ALL my MSP files. No subdirectories. All my files are uniquely named by me, so no use of or need for Unique ID. Unless I slip up and do a typo, a file I add now is named using the same precise convention I've been using for years. Example: A Whiter Shade Of Pale [C] UFB.pdf. Format is Title [KEY] ID.pdf (ID is my source, such as initials of fakebook name, etc)

To experiment I chose two files that are not showing in MSP, but every time got skipped by Batch Import. I manually added two files from PC to tablet via MSPC. One of these files was new, the other had been in the PC library for a long time but not being imported. Both files manually added to the library with no problem, no indication that MSP already had the songs or files. Looking at the tablet, both files have their original correct name. Manual adding worked, yet MSPC Batch Import skipped both of them again and again This is the mystery.

I wondered about Batch Import with the size of my library, approaching 5000 songs and continuing to grow. If perhaps the size is breaking the import process, I could do subsets (A-D, E-K, etc) if you think that would help, and if there's a straightforward way. The challenge is how to select hundreds of files as a batch rather than thousands.

What else can I explain or try to help you?
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1

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RE: BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import - by musichawk - 06-19-2017, 07:01 AM

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