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BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import
I'm a little surprised by your results. I added code for the batch import so that it wouldn't even perform the duplicate file check if there wasn't a song in the library already using that file. That means if you are importing new files through the batch import, one of two things should happen:

1) If a file already resides at the output path for the file (depends upon your storage settings and storage directory), then you should get prompted to handle the conflict. You absolutely do not want to have "Update songs if matching files are found" checked. If you do that, it's going to try to update a non-existent song. This is a bug in the companion app - I just added a fix so that it won't try to do this anymore, but in the meantime, don't check that option. Instead, make sure you handle the conflict by overwriting the file, and check "Apply to All".
2) If a file does not reside at the output path, the file should be imported without any issues.

You definitely want to leave "Avoid Duplicate Songs" checked, or it will just add tons of duplicate songs in your library, which you don't want. If you don't have "Update songs if matching files are found", then I'm not sure why the batch import wouldn't import all of the files like you are expecting. Can you take a screenshot of the settings in the batch import dialog? I just want to check them. Also, what is your storage location on the tablet?


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RE: BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import - by Zubersoft - 06-23-2017, 04:31 PM

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