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BIG MESS: Almost all songs seemed to be duplicated by Batch Import
Mike, a few more facts about the files in MSP's storage location on tablet:

I have confirmed in 3 ways that there are 4941 PDF files on tablet, though the library contains 4222.

My source folder on PC has 4736 files, comprised of 4658 in top level folder plus 78 in one subfolder (used for XMAS songs). Batch Import of this folder does not add more to the tablet.

Looking on the tablet at Date Created of the PDFs, I see a few chunks that match the dates I tried additional Batch Import and tests, but the oldest date is June 15, 9 days ago. If that is accurate, the problem of file- not-in-database happened at least that recently, but probably due to me restoring a backup, which I did around that date or slightly later. The MSP on-tablet Restore process recommends and I always agree to wipe the existing files, then reload them from the backup. If the storage emptying is 100%, the "lost" files got restored from the backup, along with the database that did not have records for all of the files.

Trying to determine when the "extra" (and "lost") files showed up, I just Restored a tablet backup from Jan 24, to see how many files. Result: 4211 files were restored, which matches my current MSP Songs total of 4222 (one extra due to experimenting). Unfortunately, the date of all the restored files is today. But looking at the storage folder, there are 4930 PDF files, even more than before restoring Jan 24 backup. This might make sense because in-between I did some clean-up, removing from the tablet various PDFs that were poor scans, unwanted songs, etc. But of course, the files count as of Jan 24 also greatly exceeds the database count, so apparently whatever sent MSP off the tracks happened months (or years?) before.

Unfortunately, I don't have an older on-tablet backup, Jan 24 is the max of my Way-Back Machine.

But ... I found an older backup yet don't know an effective way to use it for investigation. On my PC I have a older MSPC backup from May 19, 2015. MSPC doesn't offer to Restore this file, so I opened it in View mode to see whats what. Viewing this file in MSPC doesn't give me a count of records nor does it show file dates. I don't know the diff of EXtract Database, Extract, and Extract All, so I tried Extract Database, which dumps out a copy of the .db file.

Then I tried Extract All, which copies all the song files from the backup onto my PC's drive, but resulted in many "Error crating image file", the "Error creating:" seems to be showing Placeholder records, which don't have physical files and/or the Placeholder title text would not be a valid filename. There's no Skip Similar option so I had to work through quite a few of these. (I use Placeholders mainly to have song titles that my band plays from memory, to put them in Setlists, and to remind me to keep looking for or create an actual chart.)

Extract All resulted in a separate folder for each song (which is not how I have set MSP, I don't see a benefit)). Assuming each folder has one PDF, that's 3851, which simply indicates that I added hundreds more songs since May 2016. Folders and files are all dated today. But since I can't seem to Restore this MSPC backup, I can only view and extract it, I don't know how many database records exist.
-- John

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 (SM-T900) Android 5.1.1

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