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Library Setup - Need Advice
I recently purchased a 14" Windows tablet and am finally ready to install MS Pro. While waiting for the Windows version of MS I have started to scan my extensive piano sheet music collection.  Right now I have accumulated 1766 files within 1318 folders.  Although I have read the manual numerous times and searched through the forums I am somewhat hesitant to go forward.  I am not sure that I understand clearly the best approach and so am asking for input, advice, as well as any corrections to my thinking.

I not only have different versions of the same song from sheet music books but also have the same song by different arrangers.  To keep all of the different versions together I created a folder for each song and coded the file names in a way that will allow me to know whether a particular file has an intro and/or a verse and the name of the arranger as well as the key designation.

From the manual it appears that MS will pick up a song title and create a folder from that.  This, however, won’t work for me as each file of the same song is uniquely coded and so my questions:

Q1 - Can I simply not allow MS to create folders and import the folder which I have already created on my PC?

Q2 - I still have a long way to go with scanning my music.  Assuming that I can import an entire folder from my PC into MS what would be the best way to handle future folder additions?  Am I correct that MS will automatically modify a folder within the program to include any new additions?

Q3 - Currently I have a folder under my Documents entitled PDF Scans with the individual song subfolders beneath it.  Would MS pick up any additions if I just import the entire PDF Scan folder after I make additions or would importing each modified folder separately or as a batch be a better idea?

Q4 - Again assuming an entire folder can be imported.  How will the library handle this?  For example if I do a search for say Misty will it come up with the folder to click on or will it show the individual files that are in the Misty folder?

Q5 - I am assuming that whatever way the library handles a song a collection would do the same.  Therefore if I set up a collection of Christmas carols rather than seeing folders I would see every version I have of all of the carols.

Q6 - I know I can print out a set list.  Is there anyway - or might there be in the future - a way to do the same with a collection?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and advice.

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