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Library Setup - Need Advice
Q1 - Yes, you can disable the creation of folders by going to Settings->Storage and unchecking "Create Subdirectory per Song". MobileSheets is still going to try to copy every imported file to the storage location though. If you don't want to have that happen, you need to set the storage lcoation either to the folder you are importing from, or a parent folder of that folder.

Q2 - There are no automatic importing features. If you add additional files to the folder you are managing (and you have made that the storage location), then my advice would be to perform a batch import of that entire directory and select "Avoid Duplicate Songs". This should only pull in the new files (or updates to existing files).

Q3 - As answered in Q2, yes, just batch import and it will pull in any new files

Q4 - Every PDF is treated as an individual song entry in MobileSheets (although you can create songs with multiple PDFs, you can only do that through the song editor). So if you search for "Misty", every song that has "Misty" in any one of its fields will show up. If you tap on an entry, it will load that particular song/file.

Q5 - Correct - there is no concept of folders in MobileSheets. Just groups that organize songs.

Q6 - You can already do this with a few clicks. To print out a collection, start by selecting that collection from the collection filter dropdown. Next, long press a song on the songs tab to start selection mode. Tap the "Select All" button at the bottom right, then tap the overflow menu at the top right and "Print".


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