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Library Setup - Need Advice
Hi Karen, welcome to the forum and MSP.

I'm not yet very familiar with MSP on W10 yet, though I recently purchased it for my PC, but haven't set it up there yet. So this is from my Android viewpoint and Mike should intervene if it can't be done this way on W10.

As Mike said, MSP doesn't work with a folder hierarchy per se (other than creating its own separate folders if wanted). But I understand your wish to keep your own established folder hierarchy completely since I'd like it the same way for my sheets (O.T and that's why I don't like to use the otherwise terrific Calibre for organizing my ebooks BTW). Personally I think it's a bit impracticable to use single files for each song as sources and have also also almost as many folders. Mostly because it makes the csv import feature more or less useless for such a collection of single files. But of course to each its own preference.

I'd suggest you don't import your files in a way that MSP creates the (source PDF) files itself on the tablet, but you choose the option to manage your files yourself, create and choose your PDF source directory for MSP and copy the contents of your folder to that folder yourself and then use the batch import so that only the database entries are created.

In the batch import feature you choose to include subdirectories and the option that the song name is derived (not estimated) from the filename since you have coded the information you need in it.

This should create the database entries in one go with not to much trouble and work. You can keep your folders in sync easily (as I do it in my setup). Adding new ones as you scan new sheets isn't too much effort either.

The only thing is that - if you want or need it - have to add metadata (composers, collections and whatever) manually either with the companion or on the tablet which is a bit of effort to do individually.

But IMO that's the best way to go with your specifications.

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