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wish to convert to "let MS manage files"
Well, the point for me in managing my files myself is to have my or even "a" folder structure at all. And I want this to be the same on my PC, my Android devices and my new W10 device.

I want to keep some files separated and organized by folders. As yourself I have some folders with files for a specific band, one with big band charts, another e.g. for some chordpro files and so on.

As I recall (and I might be wrong here, since I never let MSP manage my files) MSP doesn't use folders or let you choose folders but puts the files in one directory (or each file in a folder if you choose the option). It also renames the files if necessary (I think).

I don't want that. Rather I want to be able to navigate in my files/folders without the help of MSP and keep the original names. So it would be a mess for me to let MSP manage my files. I often edit PDFs on my PC for something like optimization, correcting flipped pages or adding bookmarks. Since I keep my folders on the different devices in sync this lands on the other devices as well (without influencing the database). Even locating a file I want to edit (or share from my PC) would be much more difficult without having MSP open to see where to go.

Also - after syncing all the files to be the same on all my devices - I only need to make changes in one database and can use that on the other devices (with adjusting file paths if necessary).

So I'm not sure if managing by MSP is indeed what you want end need for your purpose.

If I wanted to "distribute" a folder I would do it on my PC, sync it to the devices and either - if there aren't too many songs - use the swap option to the new file path (which leave the annotations untouched I think) or just use the "find missing files" feature to let MSP find the moved files (also leaving the annotations intact).


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