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restore problems (android to windows 10)
Thanks for the write-up Tony. How large is the backup file you used? Is there any possibility you would be willing to upload it to cloud storage and share a link with me so I can test with it? I haven't encountered the problems you've listed, so it would help significantly to have the same backup file you used.

As for the audio file path issue, Microsoft has a maximum file path limitation of 256 characters in some of their API calls. It's ridiculous, but I have to force every file path to be 255 characters or less, or some of their functions start throwing exceptions. So if the path to the audio file on Windows would exceed that amount, I shorten the name. What is your storage location? Does it seem likely that this is the problem?

I'll look into accomodating your feature requests when I can. I'd prefer fixing things so people don't have to use that utility rather than spending more time enhancing it if possible...


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