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Fade away Audio dialog?
I'm not using audio file, just pdfs.

When I press the "wrong" part of the screen, it pops up the audio dialog even though there is no file associated with the selection. This then requires another screen tap to remove the dialog.

Could MSP be modified so that, when no audio file is present, it shows a "no audio file" message that automatically fades away after 1-2 seconds (or if another screen press is detected) ?

Displaying a message would inform the user that the screen tap had been detected (so that they wouldn't keep tapping to display the dialog because they thought that audio did exist).

Note: I typically dismiss the dialog by pressing it's X (which requires positioning the tap); I always seem to forget that you can dismiss the dialog by tapping outside it!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Have you checked settings>pedal and touch settings to verify one of the touch 'hotspots' is not activated?
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
Thanks Skip - I have  changed the setting the "Bottom Center" to None.

Having changed the setting, my 3 finger tap no longer works - I have checked that it is still set to "Annotate Song".
It still doesn't work when I restore "Bottom Center" to "Show or Hide Audio Player" (which does appear).
No change after a reboot.
Tried changing 3 finger to something else, Close, restore to Annotate,  Close ; still not working.

Finally found that I had somehow set Performance Mode (would have been nice if MSP could have indicated that the tap was being suppressed)

During all this playing around, I now see that audio player remains visible when scrolling to the next song in a collection i.e. my initial suggestion wouldn't work well for those who had audio for the majority of their songs.

Thanks again

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I can understand why you'd want to see a message that the three finger tap was suppressed, but if you are truly in a performance and accidentally did a gesture that was recognized as a three finger tap, I would think you wouldn't want a popup message distracting you in the middle of your performance. So I'm not sure what the right answer is there.

I think if you disable the touch action for the audio player, and change the visibility setting for it so that it isn't shown with the overlay, then you will never have to deal with it, and that should meet your needs.

Thanks Mike

My problem was caused primarily because I wasn't aware that I had turned on performance mode and I thought my tablet was not detecting the taps at all. I'm also a bit surprised that it survived a reboot. I suppose that one could flash a message if the user makes repeated attempts to perform a 3 finger tap (bearing in mind that this would be an unusual occurrence in a performance). While this would work for 3 fingers, not sure that how that relevant it would be with 1 and 2 finger presses.

Suggest you ignore it for now - I'm sure you have more important things to code.

BTW: I lied about having no audio files (I have a couple) but I'll work it out.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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