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Slow page turns, and key mapping with Bluetooth pedal
(10-02-2017, 06:27 PM)Serafin Wrote: I just picked up the Windows version after using the Android version since 2015. Happy to see it running on my Surface Pro 4.

Just a couple of issues so far. One, regarding compatibility of backup files between two devices on different OSes - I posted this question on a different thread.

The other, regarding key mapping and performance differences between Windows and Android.

On Android, I'd been using the up/down arrow key mappings on my PageFlip (Firefly or Cicada) pedal with good results since the beginning. This mapping works with other devices/apps, so I prefer to use it.

It seems however, that this mapping does not work for the Windows version. I have to use mouse clicks instead, and reverse these. This mapping does not give me the desired result on Androd - I get entirely different behaviors from MSP. It is unfortunate that I need to change this mapping on my pedal when switching between devices. Am I missing something?  But in the big picture, this is just a minor inconvenience.

The bigger issue I have is that page flips are much less responsive in Windows. I can't flip pages as quickly. Pedal clicks seem to get lost if they are not separated by at least a whole second or two, which is a lot of time when I need to flip back or forth through music in the middle of a song. Is it just me?  Is there something I can do to improve this?

By the way, is there an easy way to exit to Windows?  I can use Alt-F4 if I have a keyboard connected, but this is not the case most of the time that I use the app. My best option seems to be to swipe up, click the app on the task bar and close, but this seems like too much work.

Thanks for any help.

Never mind... on further reading (still difficult to navigate that manual) and exploration I figured out that my pedal mappings needed configuration. I took it for granted that these settings were fixed or somehow carried over with my backup file. All good for now in this department. Keystroke events also seem more responsive than mouse clicks for page turns.

I also figured out that navigating to the top or bottom of the screen revealed Windows controls to allow me to exit the app.

I'm still struggling with navigation without a touch screen. Is there a mode for the app to treat a mouse pointer like a finger?

Thanks and sorry for the noise.

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