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Funnies playing audio files

I have an mp3 on one of my songs. When I manually start it playing i.e. not automatic on loading
1) it loops continuously  (originally, I had it set to repeat but it still loops when the looping is disabled i.e. arrows in white).
2) I can't pause it with the pause bars or stop it with the rectangle.
3) Pressing the |< doesn't go to the start of the track (playlist)
4) << does nothing (likewise >>)
5) The volume control has no effect (even putting the "/" through the loudspeaker)
6) Originally, the moving progress bar was stationary (but is now working - no idea why but perhaps as a result of pressing the other controls)

The audio player is set to "Automatically play next track" - but this is the only track so I would expect it to stop at the end. Disabling this has no effect (it also meant that the progress bar for the next repeat stuck on 0:00/4:57)

The mp3 continues when I load a different song without an mp3
It still continues when another song with an mp3 loads (it now scrolls the name of the new song but is still playing the old one). Can't start the new mp3 (probably because the first is still playing)

Had to restart the tablet to clear it.

Now all appears to be working as it should! (sorry - not repeatable)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Very unusual... let me know if you ever see that happen again. I'm guessing there were some errors happening in the internals of Google's media player, and it was no longer listening to the requests in my code to pause or rewind.

Sounds like a plausible scenario.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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