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HELP ! Transfer of songs from one tablet to another.
I have a Pro 12 tablet (RCA supported) that has a cracked screen and therefore I do not have touch screen functionality. I have purchased another Pro 12 (refurb) and need to get my Mobile Sheets songs onto the new tablet.
I was able to D/L everything from Google Drive pretty much 'automatically', with the exception of the songs in Mobile Sheets.
I am not really a 'techie' so I am looking for basic, simple language instructions on how to do this.
I do have a micro SC card, and can navigate through the cracked screen using the keyboard 'pad' to move the cursor.
Can anyone help me?
Try doing a backup/restore, if you can get there, using MSP companion.

Another way is try a simple copy and paste. I'll assume you have Windows 10.
Connect the tablet to your computer via USB cable> Click on the 'file' icon at the bottom of the screen>click on your tablet name [it will be listed as another drive]>click the location of the data [card/tablet/external card/sd 0, etc]>Android>data>com.zubersoft>data. You can either copy the data folder or click into it and copy what is inside. Then paste it into a folder in win 10. Do the same in the new tablet and copy/paste into the same location, data folder into com.zubersoft or the inside data into the data folder.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Win 10, ver 19.--
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Asus TF700T, os = CROMi-kk_R1 KitKat-4.4.4r2-CM11-US DEODEX, Based on Android 4.4.4
Nook HD+ OEM
If you can navigate on your broken tablet enough to run MSPro, then the best thing would be to do a backup. You can use the companion or just do it within MSP (Menu->settings->Backup & Restore). Save the backup either to the SD card or GoogleDrive, then you can access it on your new tablet. Just do a restore on the new tablet and all should be good. There is an option when backing up to include MSPro settings. If you tick that then all your preferences will be copied too.

Rick and AndyL thank you SO much for your replies ... I was able to back up to google drive and then restore on the new tablet ... I haven't tried the linkage between my keyboard and MSP yet, but it looks like all the info is there ...
I will update after I run a test tonight ...
SUCCESS !!! ... 'BACKED UP' the 'old' tablet to Google Drive, 'RESTORED' on the new drive and all the MSP data is there ... tested it with my KORG Pa900 and everything is in sync ...
Thanks again for the help ...

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