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Initialization error
Hi guys,

upon starting MS Version 1.9.5 I occasionally have the following error:
Metronome playback initialization error: UnknownFailure. Please report this to Zubersoft.

Here is how I seem to be able reproduce it:
So far this seems to be related to special circumstances, namely when I change the folder structure outside of MS. I'm managing my collection outside of MS and have MS data folder pointed to the parent directory of all my scores.

Occasionally I move scores from one subdirectory into a new one, remove files, remove and add directories etc. When I then restart MS it seems to "hang" in the "inititalize database" step (or so, can't reliably tell from the outside). When this happens MS is unresponsive and I have to kill it by either clicking on the X in the upper right corner or the taskmanager. This process is repeated four times and then eventually the msgs "Metronome playback initialization error: UnknownFailure. Please report this to Zubersoft." appears in an overlay windows. After clicking OK MS is useable again and everything is fine AFAICT. Subsequent restarts work flawlessly...until I again fiddle with the directory structure and/or content outside of MS.

I have not checked, if any change outside MS triggers this behaviour, but whenever I've seen this error I had done some (more or less bigger) changes to my files.

Kind regards,
Hi Michael,

It is truly strange that you are getting that metronome error, which doesn't seem to have anything to do with the changes you are making. The only thing that makes sense is that one instance of MobileSheets is hanging (as you described), so that when you load a new instance, the metronome from the old instance is still locking the audio. Can you provide an exact list of steps I can take to get the database to hang like that?

Hi Mike,

I'll try to come up with a reproduceable way. So far it does not seem too easy. Renaming single songs does not suffice. I'll keep experimenting as my time permits and will come back.

Kind regards,

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