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audio looping
I've been playing with the A-B looping recently and while it works fine, I find it a pain to adjust the A and B points as changing either end requires setting both points even though one might already be correct.

Also. with my big finger on the slider bar, I can't visibly see where I am setting the end points. I know the time values scroll with the slider bar but this is obscured by my right hand (I suppose I could use my left hand but this is not natural to me).

What I would like is the ability to set either end without needing to set the other end (I realise real estate on the dialog is tight). This would allow me to get one end correct and then concentrate on setting the other end

As an aside, I've also had a song continue looping even though I had switched to another "chart" without an audio file (perhaps it was in a set list?). This loop kept repeating even when I took it back to the main tablet menu (had to restart the tablet to stop it playing).

The need to set both points is just an irritation and not a real issue; I'm sure there are more important things you could be coding!


Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Thanks for the feedback - I'll see what I can do to make it easier to set just one of the link points. I can think of two approaches: 1) If the audio player window is tight on space, the a-b loop button triggers a dropdown which lets you pick which point you want to set (a or b), or 2) I separate out the current button into two buttons, one for A, one for B.

As for the issue with the audio playback, can you reproduce that? Or was it a one-time thing?

Thanks for the reply Mile

Either approach to the A B points is ok for me.

I'll try and reproduce the funny looping behaviour (but I can't remember exactly what I did so can't guarantee it).

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I have been unsuccessful trying to reproduce the continuous looping problem.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Thanks for trying and letting me know.

Hi Mike

I just came across this post browsing the Mobilesheets site and I don't know if this is still of interest

How about implementing just another pedal action for setting the A and/or B triggerpoint. I think this could be suitable too as the settings of start and stop of a loop thisway would be a more audible than visible/tactile approach.

First pedal trigger: set A
Second Pedal trigger: Set B
Third trigger: Delete A+B

(best if all three triggers could come from one physical Pedal)

Changing the actual way to set the loop would not be needed, it's just a different option.

I think the only problem with that is it would be really tedious for people to have switch their pedal actions for that, as most people only have two pedals. If this would be valuable to people though, I'm certainly open to adding support for it.


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