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No way to vertical scroll library Win10 desktop
I'm running 2.0.0 on latest Windows 10 desktop (no touch screen) and I can't find any way to scroll up/down through the library. There is no scroll bar and none of the keys work either. Am I missing something?
Do you have a mouse scroll wheel? If you scroll it up or down with focus on the list, it should scroll the list up or down. You could also try using the keyboard arrows or page up/page down, but the list has to be focused first. You can get focus on the list multiple ways including using the tab key to move focus between components, or you can click one of the letters in the list with the gray background (which will then zoom out and ask you which letter to jump to). You could also right-click to select, then end selection and the list should still be focused.

If desktop users would prefer that I enable the scrollbars on the library lists, I can certainly do that. It can just partially obscure the audio track icons at the far right side of the list.

I just tried it and scrolling works without any problem (using both touchpad and mouse wheel). I usually scroll using touch, but sometimes I also use mouse so scrollbar might be a good idea. I really like how it's done in latest Win10 update (it might be there before). One example is start menu (in desktop mode) - you see just very think scrollbar that gets bigger if you hover over it with cursor (might be part of Fluent design). This would keep it thin so users can see audio track icons and only when they hover over it it might partially hide them...

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Ah, the mouse wheel works - never thought of that since I don't use it for anything else. Seems like up/down arrow and page keys should work, but they don't.
Also, I see the keys work if focus is established - seems rather awkward/not obvious to me obviously Smile
I'm also confused by things like that. I prefer using the keyboard. Up/down arrows in the songs list only work, when the focus is moved with tab to to the list. With the touchpad on my laptop scrolling is not possible. While on the train I don't have a mouse and it's a conventional laptop without touch screen.
I'm not sure if these are MSP issues or if it should be blamed on Windows. The differences between Win10 desktop mode and tablet mode are also not completely clear to me.
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