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Imported files not always showing in Database

I'm guessing you've changed some of the default storage settings in MobileSheetsPro, which is preventing the duplicate file logic from firing. If I had to guess, you enabled Settings->Storage->Add Unique Id to Filenames, right? If you did, that would mean that every file you import is given a unique filename, so there would never be any conflicts. You might ask, well why did I get the conflict that one time then? The reason is because the database failed to be updated by the companion app for some reason, but the file was successfully transferred to the tablet (with a unique filename such as myfile_234.pdf). Well the next time you imported the file, the same unique name would be used for the file as the last time you imported, as the database was never updated, so it said there was a file conflict. In that case, overwriting is the correct action to take.  The important thing to note is that the application is prompting you for the file conflict, not a song conflict. Imagine you have two files both named some_song.pdf, but they are for different songs that happen to have the same title. Well if you import both those files, you are going to get a file conflict, but the application is going to let you create both songs because it assumes that is your intent. So the file conflict is telling you that you need to decide how to handle two files with identical names, but regardless of what action you pick, a new song is going to be created.

So if we rewind a little, if you turned off "Add Unique Id to Filenames", then special logic is going to fire in the companion app that tries to detect when a swap file action is intended instead of importing a file for a new song.  If you import the same file twice, you will see that it asks if you want to swap the file instead of displaying a file conflict.  If you want to keep using the "Add Unique Id to Filenames" setting, then you are going to have to manually swap the file. You said that the companion app doesn't support swapping, but it actually does. Just right-click on the song in the song list, then click on the "Swap File" option in the context menu. 

Let me know if some of that still doesn't make sense.


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